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If life was someday proven to be a simulation, what glitch or anomaly could you point to as a major clue we'd missed?

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”Not like the simulations”

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Hey Felix, it’s the airline pilot one last time! My DMs are still getting blown up by people asking when we are going to play flight simulator! Are you ready to join sky gang?

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I know it's not pretty to look at, but I built a simulator so that I can practice my reaction time for the next major NVIDIA release

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I Wasn't The Only One Who Did This In Microsoft Flight Simulator, Right?

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Gacha Rates listed in Details are Wrong/Misleading (A Computer Simulation Probability Perspective)

The Gacha Rates listed inside Genshin Impact are likely wrong and misleading. The math behind calculating the probability of rolling a 5 star in 89 rolls is very easy. This is just 1-(1-0.006)89 or about 41.47%.
Pity systems are notoriously problematic for calculating probabilities and it is one of the main reasons Gacha games use them. For pity systems, we generally rely on computer simulations to do the calculations because it is much more difficult than the above calculation, especially when dealing with large numbers of rolls. I have no idea how Genshin Impact calculates the 1.6% consolidated pity probability for a 5 star but it is not the same as their advertised conditions produce in a computer simulation.
The rates don't line up and this is a serious issue potentially affecting various country's gambling laws and misleads the consumer as the rules don't line up with a 1.6% rate for a 5 star with pity.

First, lets list some probabilities and numbers Genshin Impact provides:

What's the Discrepancy?:
The in-game banner details for the 10 roll pity (I specifically looked at the Venti Banner) state the above conditions. The banner says that every 10 rolls (EDIT: without a 4 star) you are guaranteed a 4 star or better. This implies that a 3 star is impossible on the 10th roll (EDIT: if a 4 star has not already been obtained); as such, there is a 5.1/5.7% chance of a 4 star and a 0.6/5.1% chance of a 5 star if this rule is consistent with the rest of the rules.

The two ways I can see them calculating the probabilities are:
  1. Method 1: (what the rules appear to say) BETTER RATES
    1. Every 90 rolls you are guaranteed a 5 star, hitting 90 rolls resets both the 10 roll pity and the 90 roll pity
    2. if you roll a 5 star, it resets the 90 roll pity and the 10 roll pity
    3. if you roll a 4 star it resets the 10 roll pity
  2. Method 2: (a possible alternative) WORSE RATES
    1. Every 90 rolls your are guaranteed a 5 star
    2. if you roll a 5 star it rests the 90 roll pity
    3. the 10 roll pity does not affect the probability of a 5 star (this is not what is advertised)

The simulated code used: http://tpcg.io/vYB8ERB9
Alternative Link: above not working for some: jdoodle.com/ia/2Jj
I wrote up this code in java. You can run it on this website and it will show the output if you want (it takes a couple of seconds for 100 million rolls). Or you can look at these outputs (this will differ by a very small margin with every rendition and simulated roll count:
Trial 1 with 100 million simulated rolls:
Method 1:
Total Five Stars: 187824; 10 Roll Pity Five Stars: 76799; 90 Roll Pity Five Stars: 55603
Probability of a 5 star: 1.87824% (I concatenated this due to floating point precision)
Method 2:
Total Five Stars: 143301; 90 Roll Pity Five Stars: 84082
Probability: 1.43301% (I concatenated this due to floating point precision)

Trial 2 with 1 billion simulated rolls:
Method 1:
Total Five Stars: 18773504; 10 Roll Pity Five Stars: 7698726; 90 Roll Pity Five Stars: 5547210
Probability: 1.8773504%

Method 2:
Total Five Stars: 14350936; 90 Roll Pity Five Stars: 8397953
Probability: 1.4350936%

If you run the code your probabilities will probably differ by at most 0.02%. These probabilities may seem like a small difference from the listed probability of 1.6% by about +0.277% for Method 1 and -0.165% for Method 2; but, this can add up to several missed 5 stars over time. The main questionable condition for Method 1 (does the 10 roll pity increase the odds of a 5 star) would have especially affected re-rollers and small purchasers who do not hit the 90-roll pity frequently/at all. Notice that the number of times the 90 Roll Pity is reached is much less for Method 1.

Code Pasted below. Even if you are not familiar with Java, it is commented and fairly simple logic. Let me know if I have missed something but I don't see any way of getting the 1.6% advertised rate.

import java.util.Random; public class Genshin { private static Random rand = new Random(); public static void main(String[] args) { int rolls = 10000000; //number of rolls System.out.println("Method 1:"); Roll1(rolls); System.out.println("\nMethod 2:"); Roll2(rolls); } /** * Method is for if 10 roll pity actually does increase probability of a 5 star * probability of a 5 star = 0.006 * probability of a 4 star = 0.051 * probability of a 4 or 5 star = 0.057 * probability of a 5 star on a pity10roll = 0.006 / 0.057 = 0.6 / 5.7 */ public static void Roll1(int rolls) { int pity90roll=0; //pity tracker for 90 rolls without a 5 star int pity10roll=0; //pity tracker for 10 rolls without a 4 or 5 star int fiveStar=0; //counts total number of 5 stars int pityFiveStar=0; //counts number of 5 stars gained from the 90 roll pity int pity10RollFiveStar=0; //counts number of 5 stars gained from the 10 roll pity double x = 0.0; for (int i=0; i EDIT:
I should also point out that Method 1 results in significantly less 5 stars rolled as a result of the 90 roll pity and gives them much earlier on in the rolls. This is especially helpful as your second limited character banner 5 star in a row is guaranteed to be the main hero (Venti this time) if the previous 5 star was not Venti and would therefore be much less likely to go to 180 rolls for double pity.

Possible Confirmation from Honkai Impact 3rd: (math may be wrong this time, but it matches the computer simulation I did for method 2)
Potential Source from u/Hontaro
This is a non-Monte Carlo simulation as u/LemonWarlord pointed out, but this approach differs slightly. I think this is the correct interpretation of formula 4.1. This gives about E(X)=69.1145
1/69.1145 = roughly 1.446% chance of a 5* as the consolidated rate which matches up with my method 2 computer simulation pretty closely. Again, this does not match their listed 1.600% rate and does not use the 2.54152 constant divisor. But I have seen other users mention official responses/discord responses mentioning this expectation of 69 ish rolls (I cannot remember the exact number but I think it was 69.1...).
Edit: I agree with LemonWarlord that the summation should go to 90 instead of 89, giving an E(X)=69.7 ish rolls for a 5* and a probability even closer to my computer simulation of 1/69.7=1.4347%. However, I went with the version of the formula listed in the above Honkai Impact source that goes to 89. Regardless, both values are close to each other but far off from the listed in-game consolidated probability.
THE CORRECT FORMULA (not the one listed by Honkai Impact) SHOULD BE
https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=%28sum+n*0.006*%281-0.006%29%5E%28n-1%29%2C+n%3D1+to+89%29+%2B+90*%281-0.006%29%5E%2890-1%29 which gives the 69.7 roll Expectation and corresponding 1.4347% consolidated probability of a 5 star.
I made this more clear at the request of u/EcstaticQuokka.

Genshin Impact's Gacha rates are likely wrong or need to be further clarified because their 1.6% consolidated probability from pity does not correspond with the rules. EDIT: Basically, the probabilities for their rules do not make sense. There are 2 conceivable calculations/formulae used which results in roughly either a 1.877% or a 1.435% consolidated probability of a 5 star. It is most likely the latter ruleset (1.435%) based on the possible rulesets. The in-game consolidated probability is listed as 1.600% (I don't remember the exact number of zeros they put but it was several) which makes no sense without some hidden rules. This is bad and needs to be clarified.

The rates for 5*'s (potentially 4* aswell, I did not look at those) are not what they should be based on the given ruleset (conditions) that Genshin Impact lists on the limited character banner in-game. They list a 1.600% chance of getting a 5-star accounting for the pity system. If you plug the possible meanings of their rules into computer code, you get 1.877% with pity method 1 or 1.435% chance with pity method 2. This means that either there are missing rules that should be listed/clarified or that the numbers are not as advertised (1.600% with pity system).

For legal reasons, I could be wrong (do not take this as a fact), we won't know unless Mihoyo says anything or clarifies the rates. Again, this is just my interpretation of the ruleset, I do not intend to harm Mihoyo, I just want clarification on how they calculate this and my possibilities may be incorrect.
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Sweatiest palms I've gotten from a video in a long time | Simulated rescue from a wind turbine

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I created a genshin impact wish simulator in the browser

I created a genshin impact wish simulator in the browser
If you are someone who is experiencing a long streak of five stars please erase your cache and hard reload the page, there may be a bug related to the venti banner still being in memory. If you still come across it, please comment which banner you experienced the streak and how many attempts in. Would really help me solve this, thank you all so much.
You can play it here! (Please use the second link, my server keeps crashing and all my discord bots are dying ._.)
Source code here!
Edit # 2
Second link cuz it keeps crashing!
Edit #3
I have added a reset button and moved the skip button to the right due to the high amount of requests.
The first link is very slow in response time. That server hosts 19 web apps for me so the traffic blew it up, I'll have to redo everything later on ehe
Edit #4
Not guaranteed noelle in beginners wish after reset bug fixed
Edit #5
Added the ability to show only characters, weapons, 5 stars, 4 stars, and 3 stars in inventory
Edit #6
User can now see a 5 star animation for 5 star pullsSpecial thanks to ShiroYashaa and a_truly_masterpiece for sending me their clips
Edit #7
User can now stay on the banner they originally wished from after returning to home page
Thank you guys for your kind words! Really means alot.
Current bugs reported:
Venti being guaranteed is broken because of a last minute update I made last night. I'll have time to fix it tomorrow
Updates requested:
Ability to reset users inventory - Should be easy to do, will add it when I fix the issue with ballad in goblets (Added)
5 Star animation for 5 star pulls - Also easy but I need a high quality clip of a 5 star pull, if someone can send that to me that would be awesome (Added)
Apparently the site is down? It might crash here and there, I'm not the best at deploying hehe (ehe te nandayo) (Added second link, my ec2 instance needs to be redone from scratch)
People have also been mentioning that the simulator is more generous than the game.
The logistics of how the game actually randomizes their pulls is a guarded secret to my understanding. I just took the probability they offered and did my best with the information.
Heres how it works in my simulator (not including the pity system):
Theres 3 different types of probability per banner
3 stars are 94.3% chance
4 stars are 5.1% chance
5 stars are 0.6% chance
(Rates change per banner, but this is the most common one I saw)
For non programmers:
The way I tackled this was making a list of numbers 943 3s 51 4s and 6 5s.
Everytime the user rolls I shuffle the list randomly to mix up the position of the numbers, then I generate a random number from 1 to 1000, and using that number I pull the number out of the list based off its position, thats how I generate the rating of the item.
Then the item is completely random based off the rating using a similar system
For programmers:
I have an array with 1000 numbers, 943 of them are 3, 51 are 4, 6 are 5. I use the fisher yates shuffling algorithm to shuffle the array of numbers when the user rolls Then I use Math.random() multiplied by the length of the array to generate a random number between 0 and 999 for a random index in that array
Then I grab the rating the user got from that array, and grab a random item based off that rating using a similar algo.
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[Yandere Simulator] The backstab that went too far

If you have ever been on the internet, you have probably heard of Yandere Simulator. It is an anime hitman game solo-developed by a guy known as Yandere Dev. While popular in its early years, the game has become infamous for its long development time (6 years and still in development), bugs, glitches, unnecessary additions and garbage code. Yandere Dev has also become infamous for not taking criticism, censoring criticism, acting childish, not crediting volunteers, creepy things he has said in the past and even grooming accusations. The game and its developer have gained lots of backlash and hate in the past few years for reasons I just mentioned. The amount of hate has become so much that entire communities are dedicated to criticizing and hating on this one game and this one guy.
I copied this first paragraph from my last Yandere Simulator type drama write-up, because frankly there are a lot of Yandere Simulator dramas going on. I am not over exaggerating saying that Yandere Simulator development problems can be summed up in a trilogy of books. There is so much stuff going on that it's hard to keep up with it all.
But this week was definitely one of the darkest weeks in Yandere Simulator history, since it showed Yandere Dev at his worst. And it will be hard to make this write up since it involves lots of heavy feelings and topics, so consider this your warning.
Let’s begin with Yandere Simulator fans. Despite Yandere Simulator and Yandere Dev being under constant criticism and scrutiny, Yandere Simulator still has a big fanbase. Just looking at his Youtube channel will show how many people still genuinely like Yandere Simulator and Yandere Dev. Especially the ones that he develops the game with (aka volunteers) are very loyal to him. The two that are the most important for this story are Cleveland and Kris. Cleveland was the more public of the two, being a Yandere Simulator supporter for over three years and regularly engaging with “gremlins” (Yandere Simulator critics). It got to the point where Cleveland would defend every sort of criticism thrown towards Yandere Dev, including constructive ones. Then we have Kris, who was way less public but still very loyal to Yandere Dev, being described as “the one who loved Yandere Dev more than anyone”. Both regularly engaged with Yandere Dev and helped either develop the game or mod his Discord server.
Actually, I need to mention something else: Kris has Disassociative Identity Disorder. A description of the disorder:
a mental disorder characterized by the maintenance of at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states. The disorder is accompanied by memory gaps beyond what would be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.
Due to Kris having two personalities, it is a challenge to communicate with him. Yandere Dev knew about Kris’ disorder. That didn’t stop him from getting annoyed with Kris. A good few years past and this week Yandere Dev had enough. He had doubts about Kris’ disorder and after an uncomfortable day of interaction with Kris on discord, Yandere Dev banned Kris from the server and made an announcement in the mod discord, claiming that DID was fake.
The mod team quickly turned on Yandere Dev and a walkout had started. Now there have been 8 moderators who reportedly have quit the mod team. And shockingly, one of them was cleveland. Cleveland, one of the biggest Yandere Dev sympathisers, made a (now deleted) tumblr post declaring his disappointment of how Yandere Dev dealt with Kris and the general attitude of Yandere Dev towards the whole mod team. Cleveland also declared his distancing from the mod team. Yandere Dev quickly tried to damage control by claiming that he does in fact care about DID and tried to patch things up with Kris.
But instead, things got much worse. Much, much worse.
After Cleveland’s Tumblr post, he had a conversation with Yandere Dev on discord (which got leaked, ofcourse). Cleveland expressed his disappointment, especially for the fact that he felt like a tool to Yandere Dev. Yandere Dev try to reassure that he didn’t see Cleveland as a tool that he saw other people of his moderator team as tools, specifically the mod Mulberry. When Cleveland leaked this conversation to Mulberry, Yandere Dev got very angry. And during his anger something disturbing was revealed.
After Kris got banned from the mod team Kris went into a mental breakdown. This mental breakdown became so bad that Kris wrote a suicide note. Kris had been suicidal for years now, but after the ban from the mod team it became almost as bad as can possibly be. In Cleveland Dm’s Yandere Dev revealed that he knew that Kris had been suicidal for years and that he had at some point given up.
Quote regarding helping suicidal people:
”you have to eventually accept the fact that there is nothing you can do”
This quote shows how much he didn’t care about people close to him. He only cares about the things that they give to him.
After all of this got revealed to the public, everyone was shocked. Even the biggest Yandere Dev haters couldn’t imagine something like this happening. While some were happy some of his biggest supporters finally stopped supporting Yandere Dev, almost everyone was concerned about Kris and tried to show him as much love as possible. He has said he is doing okay as of now and is trying to get some mental help.
The most perplexing thing of it all is that Yandere Dev himself was not much touched by this drama. While his reputation took another big hit, he himself considered the drama just a mistake that the backlash was a form of cancel culture. It shows that even if people are killing themselves that he makes himself the victim.
Well, that was it. One of the darkest dramas Yandere Simulator has ever seen.I personally hope Kris gets some good mental help and that Yandere Dev soon realises how much he has fucked up.
Before I go I want to quickly thank osana for providing me with all of the context for this drama. Also, I heavily recommend checking out this post from a former moderator which also wrote up the drama but with more detail and personal insight. Please give him a look.
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LAOP: In my defense, just because I enjoy dressing up like a Nazi and simulating shooting people doesn't make me a Nazi.

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Friday Facts #362 - Menu simulation, Spidertron, Ghost building, Confirm button

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Just like the simulations

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FIFA 21 is a never ending Marcus Rashford simulator

Each week he multiplies and his power grows. Every game I go into, that team appears and its Rashford and his little pals, ready for tap ins and flip flaps. It's going to be a 4-4-2, I know Lucas is going to run to the touchline, and I know Marcus will break every law of physics with his fake shots. His buddy Fred, who's supposed to have a lot of energy to compensate for being pathetically weak, can out muscle anything and everything. Some even have Kante, the Prada version of Fred, who can average 4 tackles a second while also circling your players entire body. And this is every. single. game.
Seriously, why can I not stop what's coming when I know what the future is? Perfectly reading plays but getting punished due to broken mechanics from the same players is excruciating.
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A confession: I liked "hallway simulator" JRPGs

I know Final Fantasy X got a lot of flak for this but for me, I liked how it points you directly to the story without making you wander around looking for the right direction while still retaining the same JRPG gameplay.
I suck at navigating and as I grow older, I have less patience in spending hours getting lost. I hated not knowing where to go because I missed or could not remember the last clue from an NPC, and when I came back to them they stopped telling me about it.
I've played FF13 and to be honest the only thing I didn't like about it was the lack of towns, and customization. Right now, I've been playing The Legend of Dragoons and people have been calling it another "hallway simulator". I'm enjoying it so far and liked how fast I progressed with the story without any hurdles considering how slow the combat was.
Also, any recommendation of JRPGs likes this?
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A pic I took IRL vs Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Hey Felix, it's the airline pilot yet again! My DMs are blowing up from people asking me when we are going to play Flight Simulator! Are you ready to join Sky Gang?

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Microsoft Flight Simulator's first world update is coming September 29; focus on Japan, 6 cities updates, 6 handcrafted airports, historical locations and more

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Flight sticks are selling out after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Maybe every time that police shoot/don't shoot simulator vid gets posted, this one should get posted in response.

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Living in simulator

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Do Not Buy 'Cooking Simulator' And 'Farmers Dynasty' Both Games Have Game Breaking Bugs And Developers Won't Fix

Many Switch games don't get updated by developers and end up unplayable, unfortunately that is the case with both Farmers Dynasty and Cooking Simulator.
Both games at some very specific point start to get very laggy and it simply gents unplayable.
DO NOT waste your money on those games, it's been months already and both games have probably been abandoned.
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I experienced a glitch where I saw the “simulation” that we are in, someone experienced it with me and saw the same thing.

We were all completely sober , quick preface.
I’m currently driving home from my lunch break so I’m using Siri to talk hopefully this makes sense. So back in the summer we had a huge friend trip to Lake Powell. For anyone that has been there you know it’s absolutely beautiful, anyways we were boating through the canyons and going deeper and deeper into the canyons lake Powell.
At one point I thought in my mind something along the lines of “damn, this place is so beautiful it almost looks fake or like it was designed to look this way by something” when I started saying that in my mind, a friend turned around to me and said “dude, it feels like we’re in a movie and we are looking at movie props, it looks so fake” and I turned around and looked and and said “dude what the fuck did you just say? I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING.”
We were both freaking out about it but then it got a little freakier. We were sitting at the back of the boat looking at our 10 or so friends standing up while the boat was slowly going through the canyons, and as I watched them looking at the scenery I experienced an altered state of conscience. The best way to describe it is the façade of the human experience was dropped and all of a sudden my friends looked like gods or angelic beings experiencing “earth” and just enjoying the moment.
My friend turned to me and said, “dude, look at our friends, they’re so beautiful and alive, they look like angels!” And I knew at that moment we were both experiencing the same thing.
The best way to describe what we saw, is it looked like we placed ourselves in a video game and were enjoying what we created. It’s super hard to describe this experience. If you’ve seen maze runner, you know how they make you forget everything before you go into the maze but yet you had an existence before? It felt like that! That nature of reality teased us and slightly withdrew, and we saw our friends and this earth for what it could truly be for a brief moment in time
EDIT #1. I heard a story of a man who experienced something similar where at random times he also would "tap in" to this outside reality whilst being sober. He came up with a theory that human consciousness and our Brains can act like a Needle finding the groove on a vinyl record. Once we tune it specifically and find ourselves in this "groove" music can be played, or in other words, we can start experiencing some fascinating things. I have to find where I read this though, but supposedly it happens randomly to a lot of people!
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Bauer löscht Mähdrescher vor Augen der Feuerwehr ... ДТП трасса М 8 12 09 2017 - YouTube THW Reportage.hr - Retten, Bergen, Bauen - YouTube Eisenbahnkreuz im Nirgendwo: Turmbahnhof Falkenberg ... Aufbau Fahrsimulator 360° simdrive von Degener - Fahrschule Riedel

Der Simulator ist online. Datenstand: 03.11.2020 Nächstes Update: 11.11.2020 (immer Mitt­woch­abend) Ziel des Projekts CoSim ist die Entwicklung eines mechanistischen mathematischen Modells zur Vorhersage der COVID-19 Infektionen inkl. Krankenhausbettenbelegung, Intensivmedizinische Behandlung (ICU), Beatmung und Todesraten in den einzelnen Bundesländern und der Abschätzung von Nicht ... Pigeon Simulator (Tauben Simulator) Englisch: Mit dem abgedrehten Pigeon Simulator (Tauben Simulator) von Bossa Studios schlüpfen Sie in die Rolle einer Taube und richten so ein feder-frohes ... LOTUS-Simulator. Das erste Mal werden Bus, Tram und Bahn extrem realistisch zusammen in einem Spiel simuliert – und Ihr dürft sie fahren, sie bauen oder die Welt darum erschaffen. LOTUS – und Ihr fahrt nie wieder mit einen anderen Simulator! Fahr- und Polizei-Simulator, bei dem man auf einem 40km langen Autobahnabschnitt für die Einhaltung des Gesetzes sorgt; es stehen zwei Einsatzwagen zur Verfügung, mit denen man sich um ... Der Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 glänzt mit den richtigen Addons noch mehr. Wir haben für euch die besten Mod-Erweiterungen zusammengestellt.

[index] [6486] [7071] [1357] [3659] [1076] [1690] [1843] [7383] [487] [5957]

Bauer löscht Mähdrescher vor Augen der Feuerwehr ...

Lets Play Farming Simulator 2015 - Episode 2 ( Happy Halloween Peeps ) - Duration: 36:09. Stockoglaws Recommended for you. 36:09. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Heute wurde der Pump Track in Gunzenhausen eingeweiht. Auch Lukas Knopf ist dort gewesen! -nächstes Video- xD. Microsoft Flight Simulator X; 2006; Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Crazy Helikopter ADAC in Berlin Blankenburg extrem hautnah ...